We aim to make every academic year as exciting as possible. We host many events and activities that are child-centred and team focused. These events allow all children to create memories of their time spent at school; build and strengthen relationships and develop new skills. Time at school should be full of positive experiences in the school environment.

Our Academic year at Tanto is divided into 3 periods. Please take a look below at some of the events we have planned for our children.


Term Starts: Monday 21st August.

Week 44 - Höstlov

Nov 6 - Training Day

Dec 19th- Last Day of Term

Term Starts Monday 8th January

February 23rd- Training Day

Week 9 - Sportlov

March 28th to April 8th - Easter Break ( 29th & 1st are red days)

May 1st - Red Day

May 9th - Red Day

May 10th- Holiday

June 6th- Red Day

June 14th - Last Day of the Year

Overview 2022/23

Tanto International School

  • School Starts: 15th August

  • Höstlov- Week 44: Oct 31st-Nov 4th) (closed)

  • Study Day- Monday, 7th November (closed)

  • Winter Holiday ( Dec 21st- Jan 8th) (closed)

  • Sportlov- Week 9 ( Feb 27th- Mar 3rd) (closed)

  • Study Day Monday, 6th March (closed)

  • Easter- Week 14 & 15 ( 3rd- 14th April)

  • Red Day- 1st May ( closed)

  • Half Day 17th May (closed from 12:00)

  • Red Day- 18th May (closed)

  • Study Day- 19th May (closed)

  • Red Day- 6th June (closed)

  • Last day of School: 13th June

Events 2022/23

Tanto International School: Period 1


  • Enrichment: Magic Hat & House Team selection

  • Enrichment: House Team relationship and skills building

  • Personal Growth: First Student Council Elections.

  • Enrichment: Year 4 swimming begins.


  • Personal Growth (charity): Skipathon.

  • Our Families: Guardian Conference & Report (1)

  • Enrichment: Roald Dahl Day.

  • Personal Growth: World Clean Up Day


  • Personal Growth: UN World Teacher Day.

  • Personal Growth (charity): Sponsored Walk (Y4-7)

  • Enrichment: Team Building house day at the Park.

  • Personal Growth: Non school uniform 1 (charity)

  • Culture: School Trip Day 1 (museum, theatre etc)

  • Enrichment: Halloween Dress Up Day.

  • Our Families: Student Report (2)

  • Personal Growth: Study Day (1) Information handed out.

  • (44) Höstlov.

Tanto International School Period 2


  • Culture: School Trip Day 2 (museum, theatre etc)

  • Enrichment: House Team General Knowledge Competition

  • Personal Growth: Second Student Council Elections.

  • Personal Growth: Children's Rights Day


  • Personal Growth (charity): Advent Calendar

  • Enrichment: Charity event.

  • Culture Lucia for Y1 guardians

  • Culture: Whole School Carols

  • Personal Growth: Fika for the local residents.

  • Enrichment: Julbord and Secret Santa Visit.

  • Enrichment: Year 4-7 School Production in the theatre.


  • Enrichment: Year 3 swimming begins.

  • Enrichment: Ice skating begins.


  • Culture: School Trip Day 3 (museum, theatre etc)

  • Personal Growth: Non school uniform 2 (charity)

Tanto International School Period 3


  • Personal Growth: Well-Being Wednesdays begin (6 wks)

  • Our Families: Guardian Conference & Report (3)

  • Personal Growth: Study Day (2) Information handed out.


  • Enrichment: House Team Art Competition

  • Enrichment: World Book Day/Book Swap & book character costumes.


  • Culture: School Trip Day 4 (museum, theatre etc)

  • Enrichment: Year 2 and Year 3 class play for guardians.


  • Curriculum: Assessment Week

  • Enrichment: Sleepover

  • Enrichment: Student Famous People Museum

  • Personal Growth: Residential Trips

  • Culture: School Trip Day 5 (museum, theatre etc)


  • Enrichment: House Team Sports Day (Lower School)

  • Enrichment: House Team Sports Day (Upper School)

  • Enrichment: End of Year Celebration Assembly