Tanto International School

Challenging & cherishing your child & their future 

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy exploring our wonderful school!

Established in 1983, our aim has always been to create a passion for learning & excellence. The Tanto International School is a small, independent school that fulfills both the educational and social needs of every individual. 

Tanto International School is proud to be one of only a few schools in Sweden with permission to teach the curriculum of another country and to be able to have our teaching and learning carried out in English.

We cater for guardians who want their children to receive a high quality English education, whilst knowing that their young child is experiencing a unique, nurturing environment with staff who truly care. 

It is important to note that we are not a bilingual school like many other international schools in Stockholm. Our curriculum is completely taught in English, which is just another reason that makes us special!

We are sure that the small school environment and class sizes offer our students advantages that larger international schools cannot. The teachers offer high academic standards and great focus on each individual's personal growth. Our relationships, school culture and atmosphere stand out when you are part of the Tanto International School family. Why not come and see us to experience this first hand!

As one of our children explained:

A small school in a big world... and a big world in a small school. Everyone should love coming to school and hate to miss it!

This is true of the children at Tanto International School. 

Mr Cameron



Our Tanto atmosphere, welcoming staff and positive approach has enabled us to support guardians and children as they settle into life in Sweden or Stockholm since 1983. 

Following on from nursery, we begin accepting children from Yr 1. Children can start Tanto International School in the August of the year they turn six.  Before Year 1, children can attend The English Nursery (same location) and after Yr 7, they move on to various high schools.

The English Nursery opened in 2009 and has an English profile. We admit children from 1-6 years old. The English Nursery follows the Lpfö 2018 Curriculum and learning takes place in both English and Swedish. Our aim is to ensure a creative, fun and safe learning environment with the family feel that many of our guardians seek for their children. 

T.A.S.C. is our after-school-care department which follows the compulsory school curriculum. We follow the guidance and routines that are set out for Fritids groups in Sweden. Our aim is to support development and learning both after school and during holidays whilst ensuring a positive social experience for all and support the norms and aims of Swedish society.  We are lucky enough to have the same core staff in T.A.S.C as we do during the school day and the organization is led internally. 



Our caring staff provide a nurturing environment which allows individuals to flourish in a safe, secure and respectful way. Teachers create strong relationships with students, thereby our staff to support personal growth in all our children. We aim to offer a sustainable education with focus on Global Citizenship and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education.


We work together and share our experiences from around the world in order to enrich one another's lives. Our House Team structure and Student Council support student influence and collaborative work across the school each week. Never before has it been so important to work in teams and with an intercultural approach as it is today.


At Tanto, we never lose sight of the importance of our everyday behaviours and attitudes towards each other. Commitment to ourselves, eachother and our school allows us to focus on progress and development. We encourage and expect high standards of courtesy towards each other at Tanto.



All staff employed at The Tanto International School and The English Nursery are selected via a high-quality, safe recruitment strategy. We only employ the best staff for our unique educational community. Professionalism, pride and personality are key traits we look for when recruiting. The recruitment policy supports child protection routines.  


We follow the English National Curriculum; tailored to our international community. The teachers ensure excellent academic standards in a truly stimulating class environment. Our school curriculum is delivered in a fun, engaging and creative way. Our teaching isn't just about curriculum goals- rather we seek to develop life-long learners and for this you need to really enjoy school!


Our children have lived all their lives surrounded by the digital world. Whilst we place a clear emphasis on using digital tools to enhance aspects of our learning, we do not over-immerse our young children in technology everyday. We select the most appropriate moments and opportunities to use digital tools to aid and enhance our lessons, learning and experiences.