We are proud to have a positive relationship with our guardians and students. Occasionally, a guardian may feel they wish to discuss a concern or complaint related to a challenge they see their child is experiencing in school. In order to develop and improve the school, nursery and fritids, it is important that challenges are initially communicated to the class teacher, member of staff in the appropriate department or a specific staff member concerned. This should be done through a face-to-face conversation, as soon as possible.

You will be listened to by all our staff members; our work, answers and problem solving will always be focused on the solutions for the child and not on blame of other people or staff members. We will do our best to support each and every child and situation to its best resolution.  We all want the best for the children.

Don’t forget as part of a team, it's important to meet with a positive, calm and forward-thinking approach so we can come up with ideas, suggestions and solutions for your child. It is expected that in the vast majority of instances only Step 1 is required. 

Please follow the steps in order.

Discuss the problem that has arisen with the staff member concerned. We are convinced that concerns are solved best, fastest and in the most efficient way through direct communication.  We are all here for the same purpose so collaboration and good communication are wys to save a lot of time, effort or potential future challenges. The aim is to work together as a team at Tanto. Please allow time for the member of staff to investigate, take action required and feedback to you.  

If you have raised a concern with the relevant member of staff and had a meeting with them to discuss the issue, but feel it has not been followed up clearly or addressed successfully, please use this form to contact the Principal. LINK .

The leadership team or Principal will send confirmation within three days that your concern has been received.   Within a week of your confirmation, you will receive an answer about how the concern will be handled or a date for a meeting. If you choose not to leave your name the school Principal will meet with staff and leadership to investigate the matter and take actions to follow-up in the appropriate way.

If you still feel that the problem persists, or if your complaint is about the principal, please feel free to contact 

Andreas Tull, School Manager Huvudman of the school You will receive confirmation within three days that your concern has been received.  Within a week of your confirmation, you will receive an answer about how the concern will be handled or a date for a meeting. 

Other possibilities:

Serious Complaint (anonymous)


Guardians or students who have opinions on the activities within Atvexa or our subsidiaries are not covered by this whistleblower function. They should instead contact the preschool or school concerned through the regular complaint process above in the process for guardians. .

For Atvexa, it is important that misconduct becomes known as early as possible so that the risk of personal, material and immaterial damage as well as damage to Atvexa's reputation is minimized. Through this procedure, whistleblowers who are prepared to report wrongdoing should know that they are important resources for Atvexa, therefore Atvexa strives to ensure a working climate where whistleblowers feel they can safely and without fear, report wrongdoing.

A notification through Trumpet can be submitted by anyone who in any way represents or is active within Atvexas, both in parent companies and in subsidiaries with its preschools and schools, in work- related contexts. This includes board members, all employees (permanent employees, probationary employees, fixed-term employees, full-time and part-time employees), interns, consultants or other contractors and hired personnel in Atvexa. Even people who are part of Atvexa's control body, such as auditors, can report through Trumpet.