The Tanto International School follows the goals set out in the English National Curriculum.

It is the delicate balance between essential aspects of learning and a child's personal development that makes Tanto International School unique. A balance between academic challenge and excellence; respect and democracy as well as equal value for all shine through each day at Tanto International School.

The curriculum provides students with an introduction to the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that all young people need in order to become well-educated, positive and productive citizens. We introduce students to the best that has been thought, written and spoken; helping foster an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

Our curriculum provides clear Core Learning through English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons. This is enhanced and supported by The Arts, Digital World, Language and Culture and Personal Growth each week.

The curriculum is just one element in the education of every child. The Tanto International School creates plenty of enrichment activities throughout the year. We make time and space to go beyond the curriculum. Museums, theatre visits, residential trips, house team days and competitions as well as numerous UN Days linked to our Global Citizenship work allow us to expand experiences as often as possible.

Our independence from a specific program in these early years allows us to be more flexible and focussed on our ever evolving needs in school . We aim to find the best resources and providers of educational tools so that we can be sure that what we do, why we do it and how we do it, remain continuously valid questions for our leadership and management team.

At Tanto International School we are passionate about the need to enhance and innovate education in the core subjects. We believe that it is essential to teach English, Mathematics every day and to ensure Science plays a significant role in our learning opportunities.

We ensure that History and Geography are given time and value in our schedules too. These subjects are incorporated into our English units of work ( non-fiction) so that at different times in the term students experience the subjects on a daily basis rather than once a week. This allows our children to develop strong links between non-fiction learning and quality learning concepts in Social Studies.

This generation of children have lived all their lives surrounded by the digital world. It is all they know and therefore they require us to facilitate opportunities to utilize these tools throughout our work.

Whilst we place a clear emphasis on using digital tools to enhance aspects of our learning, we do not over-immerse our young children in technology everyday. We select the most appropriate moments and opportunities to use digital tools to aid and enhance our lessons, learning and experiences.

Our computing curriculum is broad whilst being focused on skill building as children progress through the years. Designed in a fun and engaging way, Purple Mash Curriculum ensures students gain the basics as well as moving on to more complex skills which are covered by specifically designed games, educational tools and plans.

With our regular S.T.E.M Lego lessons, we go further! These lessons build on basic coding and engineering skills and bring to life robotics and control technology. These are some of the most exciting and creative learning opportunities in school each week.

Finally, we will be introducing our staff and students to the virtual reality world in August 2022. We aim to offer even more opportunities that will really benefit students of all ages. From leaping out of a textbook into a 3D image or video, to being able to take children to places around the world without them moving from their table in class is a truly exciting prospect.

The Arts are an essential part of the curriculum for every child each week. Throughout this wide ranging topic we include many different lessons. This diversity of opportunity allows us to present difficult concepts in a wide variety of ways, often creating new exciting opportunities for children to explore thoughts, ideas and concepts together.

At Tanto International School we provide weekly opportunities to be creative, confident and expressive in each of these subjects. We teach Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Drama and P.E on a weekly basis. The benefits of this regular work can be seen in the children’s confidence, cooperation and quality they demonstrate in our enrichment activities.

Ensuring the whole child is educated is an essential goal for all our staff!

In most academic years we have over 20 different home countries and languages spoken by our children and families. Many of our children use English as their educational language whilst having one or two other languages at home.

With so many languages and cultures coming together each day we can truly say we are not only a multicultural environment but an intercultural one too. Tanto is a place where we can learn from each other's experiences, ideas and perspectives every day.

Guardians choose Tanto International School for a curriculum in English. It is important to note that we are not a bilingual school (50/50) like many other international schools in Stockholm. Our curriculum is completely taught in English, which is just another reason that makes us special.

We teach Swedish each week as it forms the basis for our second language. We offer a wide range of activities and our reading scheme enables all children to thrive and develop the language of the country we live in.

Personal Growth is an overarching term we use that incorporate many aspects of our daily life and weekly curriculum. It involves engaging our young children in their own thoughts, ideas and understanding of the world around them.

Teachers allow children to contemplate their life (and that of others) in ways that traditional curriculum subjects don't. These opportunities can be found in class council, P.S.H.E and Global Citizenship work.Our aim is to support young people in developing knowledge, confidence and resilience whilst learning to take responsibility as well as demonstrate empathy and understanding for situations around the world.

In essence it includes four interwoven aspects of learning that run alongside our ethos of Tanto 3 C's Care, Cooperation and Courtesy. These four aspects are Global Citizenship, P.S.H.E Education, Student Council and House Teams.

The Tanto International School has a long tradition of making the most of enriching educational activities for our students. Teachers facilitate regular opportunities to be inspired in a variety of fun and exciting ways inside and outside of the traditional classroom setting.

The school management believes that these opportunities form an essential part of a whole child's learning and can provide stimulus for other great teaching and learning activities. Some of our most popular events and activities come in the form of clubs, house events, class trips, residential trips, swimming, school and class plays as well as hosting inspirational visitors.