Our school consists of three different departments that have a clear focus on different ages and areas of education. The Tanto International School, The English Nursery and T.A.S.C (Fritids) make up our school.

This variety within one organisation and being located together in the same beautiful corner of Södermalm allows us to share our quality work, inspire one another and link learning before school, during school and after school as well as between nursery and school-age children.

Our Tanto atmosphere, welcoming staff and positive approach has enabled us to support guardians and Established in 1983, our aim has always been to create a passion for learning & excellence. The Tanto International School is a small, independent school that fulfills both the educational and social needs of every individual.

Our ethos of Care, Cooperation and Courtesy is long established and can be seen across the school, throughout the day. We aim to create a truly stimulating environment for everyone.

The Tanto International School is a small, independent school that aims to fulfil both the educational and social needs of every individual. We offer a high quality education taught in English.

Following the English National Curriculum, tailored to our international community, the teachers ensure excellent academic standards for each individual in a truly stimulating environment.

We are proud to be one of only a few schools in Sweden with permission to teach the curriculum of another country and to be able to have our teaching and learning carried out in English.

Everyone should love coming to school and hate to miss it!

Our aim is to ensure a creative, fun and safe learning environment with the family feel that many of our guardians seek for their children. The children enjoy a wide variety of development opportunities whilst following a structured routine which allows children to feel secure in their learning environment. The creativity and fun elements of a nursery child’s daily life remain at the forefront of our minds when we plan our weekly work.

Our aim is to support development and learning both after school and during holidays whilst ensuring a positive social experience for all and support the norms and aims of Swedish society. Our staff plan and follow up work with our groups in a variety of ways.

We offer choice to children after school which allows them to create their own learning pathways each and every week. The activities are displayed and documented for children and guardians to share and celebrate whenever they can through our wonderful Twitter page.

Typically, we create opportunities, such as Cricket, Rugby, Chess, Animation, Swedish, Athletics, Art and Craft, Reading, Digital World as well as the more spontaneous moments for play and learning.

We also make sure that our Personal, Social and Global goals from school are supported in the way we work.