The Arts subjects are an essential part of the curriculum for every child each week. Throughout this wide ranging topic we include many different lessons. This diversity of opportunity allows us to present difficult concepts in a wide variety of ways, often creating new exciting opportunities for children to explore thoughts, ideas and concepts together.

At Tanto International School we provide weekly opportunities to be creative, confident and expressive in each of these subjects. We teach Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Drama and P.E on a weekly basis. The benefits of this regular work can be seen in the children’s confidence, cooperation and quality they demonstrate in our enrichment activities.

Ensuring the whole child is educated is an essential goal for all our staff!


Music is taught once a week to all students by a music specialist. Lessons are planned under the Kodály philosophy of music education and incorporate Orff and Dalcroze pedagogical methods in teaching the Tanto Music Curriculum.

Students develop skills and understanding in the areas of: rhythm, melody, instruments, form, expressive elements, and listening appreciation. This is achieved through singing, movement, playing instruments, and performing, as well as learning the ukulele from Year 3-Year 7. "It is our firm conviction that mankind will live the happier when it has learned to live with music more worthily." ~ Zoltan Kodaly


The children at Tanto experience dance classes taught by a qualified dance teacher. Our curriculum includes: musicality, coordination, flexibility and balance whilst building upon a large repertoire of dance steps in various styles .

We explore different dance and music genres in order to give the children a wide knowledge and great experience. Throughout the school year, we focus on performance skills and building confidence. Children are given opportunities within the lessons to practise performing to each other as well as arranging smaller performances.

The school hosts a fantastic upper school play each year in a local theatre where guardians are amazed by the singing, dancing and acting on show. The production is an eagerly awaited performance where children get to execute their dance knowledge and performance skills!


Drama is an essential part of a young child's risk-taking and confidence-building work. Sharing, cooperating, trusting and performing allows young minds to overcome many personal and emotional barriers.

Children have Drama lessons spread over the year to work on improvisation, trust, script reading and public speaking. Year 1 enjoy the chance to learn about acting through role-play, trust exercises and short script experiences through lessons.

Once a year, the children in Year 2 and Year 3 rehearse for a short school play to their guardians. This is perfect preparation for the larger school production from Year 4-7 where we hire a theatre and put on a show with dancing, singing and acting to the whole school.


Art & Craft lessons allow all children to explore thoughts, emotions, ideas and concepts through a wide range of media, such as painting, drawing, multimedia, collage, textiles and sculpture each year.

Our teachers are passionate about linking our curriculum learning to Arts & Crafts and the children enjoy a broad range of activities each year.


Physical Education is often not considered "Arts" but it plays an important role in problem-solving, creative thinking, performance, spatial awareness, confidence building and teamwork alongside the natural benefits of health and exercise.

Our specialist staff member creates a passionate, high-energy learning opportunity for all - with a great combination of competition and cooperation. We play rugby, football, cricket, athletics and badminton, as well as ice-skating in the winter. We also offer swimming lessons in Yr 4 and Yr 5 each year.