This generation of children have lived all their lives surrounded by the digital world. It is all they know and therefore they require us to facilitate opportunities to utilize these tools throughout our work.

Whilst we place a clear emphasis on using digital tools to enhance aspects of our learning, we do not over-immerse our young children in technology everyday. We select the most appropriate moments and opportunities to use digital tools to aid and enhance our lessons, learning and experiences.

Our computing curriculum is broad whilst being focused on skill building as children progress through the years. Designed in a fun and engaging way, Purple Mash Curriculum ensures students gain the basics as well as moving on to more complex skills which are covered by specifically designed games, educational tools and plans.

With our regular S.T.E.M Lego lessons, we go further! These lessons build on basic coding and engineering skills and bring to life robotics and control technology. These are some of the most exciting and creative learning opportunities in school each week.

Finally, we will be introducing our staff and students to the virtual reality world in August 2022. We aim to offer even more opportunities that will really benefit students of all ages. From leaping out of a textbook into a 3D image or video, to being able to take children to places around the world without them moving from their table in class is a truly exciting prospect.


Our S.T.E.M. work with children of all ages integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics that are seen as essential for their futures. The children learn problem solving, critical analysis and teamwork whilst enhancing their independent thinking, initiative, & creativity throughout each project.

The continual advances in technology are changing the way students learn, connect and interact on a daily basis. Skills developed by students through S.T.E.M. provide the foundation to succeed not only in school but beyond.

Expanding knowledge and building new skills will create active, collaborative, life-long learners. The aim is to enable every student to succeed in education and be prepared for future life challenges.


Virtual reality can be used to enhance student learning and engagement. Being immersed in learning can motivate children to fully understand it.

This innovative tool allows the children to gain a better sense of place, to learn by doing, create real emotional experiences, develop creativity, embrace technology and motivate our future generations.

Tanto will be introducing this in August 2022 as part of our continued commitment to our Digital World. We look forward to learning together with this new resource.


Our computing curriculum is a wide-ranging subject which allows children to explore a variety of tools, activities and tasks. Whilst coding and engineering plays a role with our robotics work in S.T.E.M, there are many other areas that children need to experience throughout their school life.

Our computing curriculum includes: Computational thinking, Spreadsheets, Internet & Email, Art & Design, Music, Databases & Graphing, Writing & Presenting, Communication & Networks as well as Website building.