At Tanto International School and The English Nursery, we are proud of our positive working environment and atmosphere. We are a team - all learning from each other and supporting in any way we can. If you are a strong, dynamic team-player with a high level of energy and passion to develop the lives of the most incredible children in the world (all whilst enhancing your career) why not join us!

Please feel free to send your CV to and we may see you soon!


You are never more than a few metres away from support and a friendly face at Tanto. We aim to make sure all colleagues know that all they have to do is ask and we will aim to help and support- both inside and outside of work. Working at Tanto offers a unique opportunity to develop and learn from each other as well as feel a huge sense of pride in your profession and school.


We aim to support a work-life balance with our teaching careers here in Sweden. Tanto International School is part of a collective agreement which is union- reviewed and agreed. This ensures standards are in line with expected work guidelines across the country. We have strong regulations that support employers and employees in achieving a good work environment for all.

Many of our staff have formed good friendships across the workplace and our low staff turnover demonstrates that Tanto International School remains a highly desirable place to work.

Colleagues engage in social events together as well as some staff enjoying a running club, yoga, skiing, meditation and others activities during and after work with each other.


We work hard to make links with the best minds, ideas and organisations that are available to make sure we continue to be inspiring to our young students.

Our staff are engaged and motivated to broaden their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all the team and school, by connecting and working with a wide variety of organisations such as Unicef, Greenpeace, Grön Flagg, The English Book Shop, Teater Tre and many more!


The Tanto International School has connections with a diverse range of schools across the world. We believe it is our responsibility to connect, communicate and collaborate globally and we are working hard to develop these opportunities each year. We aim to have each class linked to a school on each continent so we know that our small school remains engaged and involved across our wonderful world.