Kerstin Larson (Guardian of a current student in 1st year at Tanto)

My son comes home every day excited, happy, and exhausted. The perfect combination. The school offers a perfect balance of education, play, physical activities, and socialisation. My son loves his friends, he loves his teachers, and he loves his school.

Mother of Kannishka (Guardian of a current student in 4th year at Tanto)

As parents we are very satisfied and happy about the way of teaching curriculum in Tanto school. My kid has shown a great improvement in her English learning skills and also in other subjects where the learning is inculcated through practical experience and exploring things rather than theoretical way. The school emphasises real life ethics , care about other human beings and discipline in all activities. I really appreciate the Tanto staff for taking great care of the kids and they really value the students thoughts and feelings. The curriculum also gives great focus for Maths and Science related subjects as well. 

Yoon Sun Jung  (Guardian of a current student in 4th year at Tanto)

I wish to dare say that one of the best decisions I had made for my child would be sending him to Tanto International School. My son has been happy with everything about the school from day one to his fourth year now. I think that is what primarily matters. That your child is happy.

Upon my experience during the past years I have realised where this happiness comes from. It comes from the sincere dedication and respect for the school, students and parents from the Tanto's teachers and staffs. The teachers and staffs make sure that the children are all respected, that no one feels left out, and that everyone in the school cares for one another. I believe this forms a sense of security, trust and care among the students and the school as a whole.

The academic expectations of the school is high and the curriculum is well organized and planned out. My son is challenged when he needs to be and supported when he needs help. The teachers and staffs that we have experienced are more than qualified in that they are engaged with the students and parents, they listen, and make learning enjoyable. I am very pleased to see my son grow not only academically but personally here at Tanto. The small and family-like environment of Tanto is one of the biggest strength in helping to discover the potential of every child make them shine.

Tanto International School seems to build up a value for truly caring for our society and environment and for every individual in the school. This is what I think is the greatest part about Tanto.

Samrudh’s mum (Guardian of a current student in 2nd year at Tanto)

Excellent teachers and good onboarding! Each student is given individual attention and care. Apart from academics the kids are also exposed to various activities like skating, drama, dance and what not. Each kid is encouraged to develop their individuality strongly and also kids develop excellent communication skills.

Ganesh (Guardian of a current student in 1st year at Tanto)

The teachers are empathetic and so much caring towards the children. Very friendly towards parents and provide timely feedback on the children's development.

Mrs Awan (Guardian of a current student in 4th year at Tanto)

I have always loved classroom decorations, e.g. abc diagrams (how classrooms have been set up). Love the fact that homework is given because it gives kids feeling of routine of continuity. Small class students makes it so the teacher can be with all students. I love the fact that there is always 1:1 support. A good school is when there are resources and help for students who need it.

Nisha Dongare (Guardian of a current student in 2nd year at Tanto)

Tanto school has a perfect knowledge about student, curriculum, educational growth and other activities.

Guardian of Neha and Pavani (Guardian of a current student in 5th & 3rd year at Tanto)

This school has kind, caring teachers that try hard to teach and help students. It has a very beautiful motto: care, cooperation and courtesy.

Vivek Mittal (Guardian of a current student in 1st year at Tanto)

Tanto staff and teachers are very energetic and give full focus on children. All activities in class are provide good learning for students.

Parents of Miriam W (Guardian of a former student who spent 5 years at Tanto)

I consider myself being a member of The Tanto family.

Miriam attended Tanto from Year 2 to 7. She started school promptly when we touched the Stockholm ground, and being an expat family everything was unfamiliar, but the school was able to make us comfortable and integrated in the school life.

With small classes, teachers are able to give every student the attention they need. Teachers are kind and passionate not only on teaching the syllabus, but on teaching the kids that they are part of a big community and they have an important role in it.

I miss the school plays, where ever year the students and all the staff prove to us how talented they are and also the ability of integrating everyone. 

Tanto offer a lot of extra curricular activities!

Over the years, the school played an important role in growing Miriam's confidence and developing great communication skills, critical thinking with positive attitude and play a proper role as member of a community.

Being a multicultural school, the staff is able to communicate with the parents and have a well balanced respect.

Miriam enjoyed Tanto, built friendships that even after moving are still in touch.

Now we moved back to Mozambique, and Miriam integrated well in the new school thanks to the Tanto foundation. I strongly recommend Tanto to anyone looking for a international primary school.

Parents of Siana S (Guardian of a former student who spent 3 years at Tanto)

I have absolutely positive words and feelings associated with my daughter's 3.5 years at Tanto International School. It was a really big deal for our family to move from Sydney, Australia to Stockholm, Sweden. However, from the moment she entered to the moment she left Tanto, Siana's school life was such a highlight of our relocation. The teachers are so dedicated, so positive and nurturing, so committed to raising up each child. She came in at 7 years old, still trying to find her feet with reading, and walked out at 11 years old an avid reader, which has been such an asset to her as she headed to secondary school. I particularly liked how Tanto balanced the time indoors and outdoors. The end of year concerts were such a wonderful introduction to performing publicly and working towards something as a group. Tanto also seemed to bring in parental involvement whenever possible as well, which was a delight. When we come back to Stockholm to visit, Tanto will be one of the first on the priority list to visit. It holds a very dear place in the memories of our family.