Our Tanto atmosphere, welcoming staff and positive approach has enabled us to support guardians and Established in 1983, our aim has always been to create a passion for learning & excellence. 

The Tanto International School is a small, independent school that fulfills both the educational and social needs of every individual. Our ethos of Care, Cooperation and Courtesy is long established and can be seen across the school, throughout the day. We aim to create a truly stimulating environment for everyone.

Everyone should love coming to school and hate to miss it!


Our long established 3 C's ethos of Care, Cooperation and Courtesy provides the perfect balance in school life for young children.

We provide a nurturing environment that allows for individuals to flourish in a safe, secure and respectful way. We aim to offer a sustainable education with a focus on Global Citizenship

Working together and bringing together all of our experiences from around the world enriches our lives. Never before has it been so important to work in teams and with an intercultural approach.

In today's world, we must never lose sight of the importance of our behaviours, attitudes and respect for human life and each other. Our interconnectivity demands this for the next generation's success.


The dedicated, professional staff continue to support and strengthen the school every year. We are lucky to have such a strong team who have been together for many years. The school management is proud of our low staff turnover which ensures knowledge of routines and families remains high.

The teachers work hard to prepare challenging and inspiring learning opportunities which ensure engaged groups and a good level of progress and development. 

The focus on pastoral care at The Tanto International School enables guardians to feel secure and happy knowing their child's needs are cared for.


The school ethos is one that is born out of respect and ‘Three C’s‘ (Care, Co-operation and Courtesy). 

We adopt child focused teaching with traditional social and moral values to ensure we nurture and prepare our young children for their futures. 

Our schedules run from 8.30 to 15.00 and the regular routines each day help support our calm atmosphere. We have a short break in the morning and a longer one with the lunch period. The same times are kept for each class on each day, thereby supporting consistency of routine.

In this calm and respectful atmosphere, our students learn to become socially confident leaders with wonderful manners and a passion for learning. We are proud of our unique atmosphere and culture at Tanto!


Praise, stickers, certificates, tokens and trophies all help children’s motivation, engagement and care. Focusing on positivity supports areas of our Personal Growth Curriculum and enables us to have a highly successful positive behaviour strategy in place. 

We aim to focus on the quality work, actions and behaviours within our small community and shine a light on them all as often as we can.

Making sure children are seen and their success and effort are valued play an important part in our teaching values. We celebrate our students in weekly assemblies with the Principal and as often as we can in everyday life!


Our weekly class council and student council meetings form a vital link between teachers, leaders and the children. Opinions are shared, items are discussed and ideas considered all with the aim for strengthening our school. Council elections take place three times a year. We have representatives from all classes.


House Teams are chosen in the very first weeks of school. Our magic hat selects all students and from then on each student has another new group to bond with from all of the other classes. We see the benefits of this during our special house days and events. 

Our multiple house events throughout the year ensure all our children are engaged in positive community work- looking to support a wider team across all ages.


Our daily lunch is an important part of the school day for all children. At Tanto International School, we are lucky enough to have our food catered for us by Kleins Kitchen. They put an emphasis on combining nutrients and flavours to provide a good variety and varied menus. 

Our children are involved in developing menus through the student council and have recently developed our vegetarian options.

We have three main meal options and 6 salad choices each day!


Here you can find some important information related to routines:

ROUTINES & POLICY ( this section is being updated during Spring 2023)