The English Nursery opened its doors in 2009. Our nursery school has an English profile. Like all Förskolor, The English Nursery admits children from 1-6 years old and follows the Lpfö 2018 Curriculum. 

The nursery has an English profile - thus learning takes place in both English and Swedish. Our aim is to create a creative, fun and safe learning environment with the "family" feel that many of our parents seek for their children. 

We are currently open 07:00-17:30 but as a Stockholm Stad Förskola we are obliged to open from 06:30-18:30 if any guardains require.

Our World

The English Nursery offers a safe and secure environment for all our children. Our teachers work with small groups of children each day; developing skills whilst making sure that children love coming to the nursery and being around their friends. We currently have 30 children enrolled in the Nursery.

Our Guardians

The staff and guardians work together to ensure our children are happy and enjoying their experience at The English Nursery each and every day.

Parents regularly talk to our staff, in the mornings or in the afternoon, to ensure they have good contact about their child's day. We supplement this by offering our guardians a weekly newsletter and daily photos and updates related to activities on our secure TYRA accounts that our guardians follow. 

Our Food

Our lunch is an important part of the nursery day for most children. At the English Nursery we use Kleins Kitchen as they put an emphasis on combining nutrients and flavours to provide a good variety and varied menus. We also provide breakfast, fruit and snack for our children so that they can maintain enough energy to learn throughout the whole day in the nursery.


Join Us!

The English Nursery accepts children from the ages of 1-6 years old in our different departments. At present, we have a waiting list with a queuing system based on application date but also where priority is given to siblings. Your child must be 6 months of age to enter the waiting list.

You apply to nurseries/pre-schools in Stockholm through a central website:

If you are registered and have an ’e-legitimation/electronic certificate’ you can go to the following web address to place your child on the waiting list for The English Nursery:

If you do not have an electronic certificate, waiting for one or waiting for a Swedish social security number please call Stockholm's Customer Service office for help and information. Call: +46.(0)8-508 00 508.

They speak many languages and can help you place your child on our waiting list. Please note that we are no longer able help you with this service as all waiting list queries must go through Stockholm council.

We accept children from all areas of Stockholm so even if you are a resident of another commune you can still register for The English Nursery through the Stockholm website.

Admission to The Tanto International School 6-12 years can be done by following this link: The Tanto International School, Stockholm

If you wish to visit The English Nursery please call our office at: +46(0)86697171 to book an appointment. Visits are by appointment only.

Here you can find some important information related to routines: