Languages & Culture are aspects of our world that we all experience in our lives and we bring these to our wonderfully rich and diverse school life here at Tanto. We have many different languages and cultures at Tanto International School.

In most academic years we have over 20 different home countries and languages spoken by our children and families! Many of our children use English as their educational language whilst having one or two other languages at home.

With so many languages and cultures coming together each day we can truly say we are not only a multi-cultural environment but an intercultural on too. A place where we can learn from each others experiences, ideas and perspectives every day.

Guardians choose Tanto International School for a curriculum in English. We are not a bilingual school (50/50) like many others school in Stockholm with an International or British profile. Our curriculum is completely taught in English.

We teach Swedish each week in each class as it forms the basis for our second language and we support this quality learning through a wide range of activities and our reading scheme that enables all children to thrive and develop the language of the country we live in.

We are extremely proud to be one of a handful of school with such a licence to focus such time and quality to our English Curriculum.


Swedish is taught on a weekly basis in all classes. We structure our work in the following areas:

  • Reading

  • Vocabulary, Spelling & Grammar

  • Writing

  • Culture; History & Geography

We use the goals from the Swedish curriculum and the curriculum for Swedish as as second language. Our resources and lessons are differentiated to ensure that all children make good progress.

Our reading lessons follow then Läsresan scheme that follows the same character as our english ORT scheme. We also host a Swedish Club once a week for each class to support and enrich our student's experience, knowledge and skills.


We celebrate our similarities as well as our differences at The Tanto International School. We aim to highlight individual uniqueness in each and every one of us.

We celebrate our different cultures and languages through our Mother Tongue Language days, Global Citizenship Projects, World Food Day, Family Trees, Show & Share Culture and many more opportunities to learn, share experiences and understand our own other people's identities.

We are are proud of our Global Citizenship Project in school that focuses on the following areas that enable us to support knowledge building across the world. to find out more, please go to the Personal Growth section.

We are always grateful for our guardian support with talks and visits on this theme.