The Tanto International School has a long tradition of making the most of enriching educational activities for our students. Located in a beautiful part of central Stockholm, the students have regular opportunities to be inspired outside of the traditional classroom setting.

The school management believes that these opportunities form an essential part of a whole child's learning and can provide stimuli for other great teaching and learning activities. They come in the form of Clubs, House Events, Class Trips, Residential Trips, Swimming, School and class plays as well as hosting inspirational visitors.

Tanto Clubs

At Tanto International School we aim to offer a broad range of activities after school that enhance the sense of community, well-being and keep the focus on educating the whole child even after 3:00pm.

During the year, many children have the opportunity to take part in clubs, such as: Rugby, Football, Chess, Dance, Animation, Film-making, Cricket, Athletics and Swedish Reading.

Clubs take place on Thursdays during 2022/23.

House Events

We feel the children benefit from being members of mixed-age school teams. It helps develop opportunities for year groups to work together; encourages children to support each other; gives them a strong sense of responsibility, belonging and provides them with a range of additional activities to take part in.

We hold regular "House Days" where children engage in different activities aimed at developing bonds, communication and support amongst different age groups. Some of these include, Roald Dahl Day, World Book Day, Maths Quiz, Spelling Bee, Halloween, Talent Shows and Sports Day.

The children are sorted into teams by the very magical "Sorting Hat" that decides where children should be placed. The four teams are: Phoenix, Unicorns, Griffins and Dragons.

Class Trips

The classes enjoys heading out across our wonderful city to explore. With more museums, galleries and exhibitions than most cities, Stockholm holds many educational treasures that are a must for our international students. The Tanto International School links many of these into its broad and varied curriculum as often as possible.

Downhill Ski Trip

This is a very popular school trip for the older classes. Children of Year 5 spend up to 5 days downhill skiing in Sweden with their teacher, other experienced staff from the school or a qualified ski instructor for the beginners. This trip is optional and costs extra. However, the cost for the trip is set at a self-cost price. The group stays in self contained apartments in a hostel and have a wonderful time together. It’s a week full of adventures, outdoor experiences and socialising.

In order to maximise the experience of Sweden for our international community, the school take the Yr 5 children to Romme. Romme Alpin is the 5th most visited ski area in Sweden. Romme Alpin have developed into a great destination not only for day trips but also for weekends and short weeks. The resort consists of 30 slopes and 12 lifts including four 6-seat Express lifts.


The Year 3 and 4 children attend lessons each week for a year to ensure that they can develop key water skills. The swimming lessons take place with swimming instructors at the national swimming centre at Eriksdalsbadet.

Inspirational Visitors

The school aims to inspire our young people by giving them a chance to listen to and work with inspiring people!